Republic of Croatia
Central state Office for Central Public Procurement

Ulica Ivana Dežmana 6/II
10000 Zagreb

Tel: 385 (1) 4599 831
Fax: 385 (1) 4599 844


Welcome to the pages of the Central state office for central public procurement.

According to the Startegy of the development of the system of public procurement in the Republic of Croatia, with the aim of achieving savings through the implementation of a systematic approach to public procurement, in November of 2009, the Government of the Republic of Croatia adopted Regulation establishing the Central Procurement Office of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

With the adoption of Act on amandments to the act on the structure and scope of state administration organizations, in 2012., State office for central public procurement takes over jobs of Central procurement office of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

These pages are intended to give all relevant information to central state administration bodies as well as all prospective bidders who will participate in public procurement procedures.